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High Speed Internet Providers – Charter Internet Offers


With the rising popularity of iphones, ipads, tablet pcs, smart phones and smart TVs, connecting to the internet is no longer exclusively for home computers or laptops anymore. Today, many of us are seeking lightning-fast service from high speed internet providers to connect our Wi-Fi devices and more.

There are many internet service providers offering high speed service in the area. You can choose from cable, DSL or satellite. Determining which service is right for you should depend on providers speed and cost.

High speed internet cable service uses the framework that connects to your cable TV. It operates on the same coaxial cable that powers your TV connection and is usually 3 to 4 times faster than DSL and satellite.



  • Uses the framework that connects to your TV
  • Usually 3 to 4 times faster than DSL & Satellite
  • DSL

  • DSL service is delivered over existing telephone line connections
  • Telephones running DSL service require adapters
  • Connection operates best the closer you are to carriers central office
  • Satellite

  • Ideal for people living in rural areas without cable or DSL
  • Requires a dish that connects to a satellite in space
  • Offers slightly slower speeds than cable and DSL
  • Digital subscriber line (DSL) service is delivered over your existing telephone network through the copper wire line connection of your phone. No new wiring is required for DSL and you can call and receive phone calls with a DSL connection. However, telephones running on a DSL line require special adapters to run clearly. In addition, a DSL connection operates faster the closer you are to the providers central office. The signal weakens the further away you are.

    Satellite internet is ideal for individuals living in rural areas, where ground based service such as cable and DSL is not available. Satellite users require a satellite dish which connects to the satellite in space. Satellite connections have a lower bandwitdh and offer slightly slower speeds than Cable and DSL.

    Internet speed is a major factor for determining which provider to choose. Some cable companies offer a full menu of speeds for every type of user from respectable speeds of 1Mbps to ultra-fast speeds of 60Mbps. If you are looking to connect wirelessly to your iphone, smart phone, ipad or tablet pc, you’ll need at least 18Mbps of speed to effectively connect on your Wi-Fi network. You will be able to efficiently download and upload music and movies, plus send photos.

    With 25Mbps and 60Mbps of speed, you’ll be able to download high definition movies to your smart TV on your Wi-Fi network. However with 60Mbps, you’ll be able to do it twice as fast. The cost for high speed cable service ranges from $39.99 a month for 18Mbps of service to $99.99 for 60Mbps.

    Service, speed and cost are three major factors you should consider when shopping for high speed internet service providers.

    Cable TV Schedule – Charter TV Deals


    Channel surfing is a popular past-time for many Americans today. With HD TV, popular basic cable selections, premium entertainment channels and subscription sports programming like the NFL RedZone, your cable TV schedule is filled with hundreds of choices.

    Most cable companies have 150 to 200 channels in their basic lineup. Local TV programming from network affiliates: ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS & NBC are featured in the lower channels. Popular cable news networks: CNN, Fox News, Headline News, MSNBC are also included.

    Highly watched sports channels: ESPN, ESPN2, The Golf Channel, NFL Network and Fox Sports play a big part of the programming. Popular cable entertainment channels such as Lifetime, Comedy Central, USA Network, TNT, TBS, A & E and MTV are featured as well.


  • USA Network
  • FOX News
  • TNT
  • ESPN
  • TBS
  • Business channels such as CNBC, FOX Business Network and Bloomberg add to the impressive list. Government programming is included with CSPAN, CSPAN2 & CSPAN 3.

    Niche programming is represented with the Food Network, House & Garden TV, QVC, HSN, ShopNBC, The Travel Channel, DIY, style and the Cooking Channel.

    Kids programming also plays a big part of the lineup with Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, Nick Jr., Nick Too, PBS Kids Sprout and the Cartoon Network.

    Music is represented with MTV Hits, VH1-Classic Rock, CMT, CMT Pure Country and the Gospel Music Network.

    Seventy five premium entertainment channels follow the basic cable lineup. HBO, Cinemax, starz! and Showtime each offer a multiplex of different channels you can watch when you subscribe to the one network. HBO for example has five additional channels: HBO 2, HBO Family, HBO Comedy, and HBO Zone & HBO Latino. Showtime and starz! each have six individual channels as well.

    Subscriber sports channels are featured as well with the NFL Red Zone, MLB Network, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice and MLS Direct Kick.

    Many of the premium entertainment and sports channels are represented in the 100 HD channels that follow. Popular news, sports and entertainment channels from the basic schedule are also featured. There’s FOX News and CNN in HD, ESPN and the NFL Network in HD, USA and TNT in HD. High definition local programming is also included as well.

    In addition to video programming, most cable companies offer a wide array of music channels in their schedules. There is music for every taste: from Hip-Hop, Dance, Reggae and Rap to Rock, Jazz, Classical and New Age. Most of these channels serve as great background sounds and are ideal for entertaining and parties.

    Whether you’re looking to watch the latest news on HLN, catch all the Sunday football action on the NFL RedZone or view the latest episode of Boardwalk Empire on the HBO, your cable TV schedule is filled a wide array of news, sports and entertainment options.

    Cable Companies in my Area – Charter Cable Deals


    With rising gas prices and the cost of going to see a movie averaging more than $50 for a family of four, many Americans are choosing to stay at home more and enjoy entertainment in their own living rooms. In the past five years, the sale of wide-screen, high definition LCD and LED TVs for home theater use has surged. The popularity of cable TV and internet has also increased, as many new HD TV owners are asking, who are the best cable companies in my area for digital and HD service.

    Since June 12, 2009, TV stations across the nation have been broadcasting in digital, which offers cleaner and crisper reception. HD TV can only be transmitted on digital airwaves. It provides viewers with movie theater quality images that are six times sharper than standard TV.

    High definition viewing at home requires an HD receiver from your cable provider. Some companies charge a monthly service fee for HD. Others include the service in their premium packages at no extra cost. Over 100 different HD channels are presently running today on cable TV.

    Adding DVR service is another option to consider. Digital video recording lets you record your favorite programs at your convenience. You can record two programs airing at the same time. Record one program and watch another, it’s up to you. DVR service requires an additional monthly fee and may come bundled with your HD service.


  • HD Service
  • DVR Service
  • On-Demand Movie Rentals
  • Premium Subscription Channels
  • High Speed Internet
  • With your HD and DVR service, you’ll be able to enjoy On Demand programming, a digital library with thousands of movies and shows you can watch at any time. Just press the On Demand button on your remote control and view the on-screen menu, where you can make your selections.

    Many On Demand show are free, others like newly released movies and special programs have a fee. You can watch a rented movie as often as you like within a 24-hour period, plus you can also pause, fast-forward and rewind the film.

    Premium subscription networks, such as HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and starz! are also available for a monthly fee. You’ll be able to enjoy popular cable programs such as True Blood, Dexter, Game of Thrones and Spartacus on their respective networks. Some providers offer premium channel packages at special rates. Most premium channel movies and shows are also available On Demand.

    You may also want to consider high speed internet for your home theater. Today’s Smart TVs and HD TVs with built-in Wi-Fi, let you download and stream movies directly to your TV. All you’ll need is a high speed Wi-Fi connection. Plus, with a Smart TV, you’ll also be able to surf the net.

    With a wide array of choices to consider for their home theater, many Americans are wondering what cable companies in my area offer the best service.

    Cable Service in my Area – Charter Cable Offers


    Shopping around for best deals is a way of life for many Americans today. Looking to find bargains on household essentials is the perfect way to stretch the dollar and save money. Cable TV, internet and home phone are a few of the items many families look to save on when they ask who has the best offers on cable service in my area.

    Cable service today not only includes TV, but high speed internet and home phone service as well. Some companies bundle these services together and discount the price of these packages, giving you the consumer the opportunity to save even more.


  • Digital TV
  • High Speed Internet
  • Home Phone Service
  • Another way to save money on cable service is to consider the right service for your needs. You could save 30% or more on home phone service from a cable provider and receive unlimited long-distance calling in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you have friends and relatives in other parts of the country, Canada and Puerto Rico, your monthly savings could be substantial.

    What’s more, some cable phone companies include premium calling features, such as Voicemail, Call Waiting with Caller ID. Speed Dial 8 and Call Forwarding in their everyday packages at no extra charge to you.


  • Home phone service with unlimited long distance in U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Calling Features such as Voicemail, Call Waiting & Speed Dial 8 at no extra charge
  • Lite Internet Service for $19.99 per month
  • Value-Priced TV packages with premium programming included
  • Basic Cable for under $25 per month
  • Identifying your internet needs is another factor to consider. Some cable companies offer bargain priced plans starting at $19.99 for lite service with 1Mbps of speed and express packages for $29.99 with 12Mbps of speed. If you occasionally surf the net and email friends and family, the lite service may be an ideal option for you. Higher speed plans would be necessary if you download or send large files, or need to communicate online for business purposes.

    If you enjoy watching premium programming such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime or want to catch all the action of the football season with the NFL RedZone, you should consider the value-priced packages some cable companies offer with special savings on premium programming.

    Basic Cable may be your choice if you’re looking to just watch cable news programming such as FOX, CNN, Headline News, MSNBC and ESPN along with popular lifetime programming, such as USA, TNT, Nick@Nite, TBS and A & E. The cost for basic cable is under $25 in most U.S. markets and a great value.

    Comparing rates and finding special TV, internet and phone values are some of the factors to be considered when you are shopping for cable service in my area.

    Cable TV Providers in my Area – Charter TV Offers


    With the NFL football season in full swing and the new network TV shows about to premier, many of us are asking who are the best cable TV providers in my area? Today’s cable TV has emerged as a household essential. With HD TV, Digital Video Recording, On-Demand Programs, plus subscription programming like the NFL RedZone, cable television is more popular today than ever. When you compare different cable TV companies, you should consider the monthly cost for service, premium programming, plus additional charges for HD and DVR service.

    The cost you pay for service depends on your TV viewing. Basic cable with popular news channels: CNN, Fox, Headline News and MSNBC, plus ESPN, MTV, TNT and Lifetime is available in most communities for under $25 a month. Local programming is included in the basic package. Digital cable boxes provided by your cable company usually come with the package as well.

    A wide array of sports and entertainment programs are also offered. Sports fans can stay in the game when they subscribe to season packages of the NFL RedZone, MLB Extra Innings, ESPN Game Plan and NHL Center Ice.

    Some packages include subscriptions to sports programs, plus premium programming from HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime. Others offer these services on an ala carte basis.


  • Basic Cable with local, news & lifestyle channels
  • Season subscriptions to NFL Network, ESPN Game Plan & more
  • Premium channels: HBO, Cinemax, starz! Showtime
  • High Definition TV
  • Digital Video Recording
  • If you have a high definition TV and wish to watch theater-like HD programming, you’ll need a HD box from your provider. Most carriers do charge a monthly service fee for the receiver. Some include the service in their premium packages at no additional charge. There are currently over 100 different channels airing in HD on cable TV.

    DVR or Digital Video Recording lets you tape your favorite shows when they air and watch them whenever you choose. A DVR lets you record two programs airing at the same time simultaneously; record one program and watch the other. You can also pause and rewind a show you are currently watching to answer the phone or get a snack.

    The cost for a DVR box is usually additional. Most providers have HD-DVR receivers, which let you record HD programs as well. The monthly service for HD-DVR box is usually higher than a standard receiver. Some companies bundle the costs in their monthly packages.

    On-Demand programming lets you watch a program at any time from your cable company’s digital library of movies and shows. You can select from existing, all-ready aired programs, new shows and movies, over 8,000 different choices. Network, cable, subscription and premium programs are included.

    Selecting just the features you’ll need at the cost you want to pay per month are elements to consider when you are looking for cable TV providers in my area.

    Home Phone Service Providers – Charter Phone Offers


    Shopping for the best home phone service providers in your area? Why not determine what your needs are and evaluate the many features offered by each company. You may also want to consider bundling your phone service with a cable TV and high-speed internet package and save money every month.

    Whether you are unhappy with your current provider or are looking to save with a new one, keeping your current phone number is one thing to consider. Most companies let you keep your existing phone number, and at no extra cost to you.

    If you make many long-distance phone calls throughout the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, an unlimited long-distance calling plan may be right for you.

    Voicemail is another feature to consider. Having messages saved on your phone memory system is convenient and saves you time. Plus, you can retrieve your messages from another phone at any location, when you are not home.


  • Unlimited Long Distance Calling to the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico
  • Voicemail
  • Caller ID
  • Anonymous Call Rejection
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Waiting with Caller ID
  • Selection Call Acceptance
  • Custom Ring
  • Call Screening
  • Speed Dial 8
  • Call Forward Variable
  • Call Forward Selective
  • Caller ID lets you see who is calling you. Call Waiting lets you take a call while you are on another call, putting one call on hold and untying your phone. Call Waiting with Caller ID gives you both features, so you’ll know who is calling before switching calls.

    Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to block unwanted calls from unidentified sources, while Selective Call Acceptance blocks up to twelve numbers of parties you do not wish to receive calls from.

    With Custom Ring, you can customize the ring of a select group of callers, so you’ll know immediately who is calling. Speed Dial 8 you program eight of your most frequently called numbers with one press of a button dialing.

    Call forwarding Variable allows you to forward all incoming calls to an alternative phone number where you can be reached. Call Forwarding Selective lets you forward calls from selected phone numbers of important callers you wish to grant clearance to when they call…all others calling will not be able to reach you. Many phone carriers include some of these calling features in their standard plans. Others offer additional features in packages or at individual rates. Selecting just the options you’ll need, could save you money every month.

    Determining which carrier has the best plan for you and evaluating the features you’ll need are some of the factors to consider when looking for home phone service providers.

    Internet Phone Service – Charter Deals


    Cutting costs on many home services is important to everybody on a budget these days. One way to save money on monthly phone bills is to consider internet and phone service. A service known as Voiceover Internet Protocol or VOIP, offers an inexpensive way to make unlimited local and long distant phone calls at costs under $20 per month.

    VOIP phone service requires an internet phone adapter and a high speed internet connection. You simply plug a normal telephone into the VOIP phone adapter jack, then plug the adapter into a router and you’re all set up.

    Although popular, VOIP phone service has several drawbacks. First and foremost, VOIP technology travels over the public internet. Your calls may not be secure and others may have the opportunity to listen in. In addition, you will need a high-speed connection. Any other connection will not work with a VOIP phone. Also, 911 emergency calls are difficult to make on a VOIP phone.


  • Inexpensive monthly rates
  • Requires a high-speed connection
  • Travels over a public network; calls may not be secure
  • 911 emergency calls are difficult to make
  • Cable internet phone service is another option to consider. The service uses a primary line network similar to traditional telephone service. An internet protocol is used over the carriers’ private network, so calls never touch the public internet. Phones are connected via existing in-home telephone jacks and the service does not require a high speed internet connection.

    Although cable phone service works through standard home phones and jacks, it is generally less expensive than traditional wire line service. You will also have easy access to 911 emergency and directory assistance calls as well. Plus, it offers the latest phone technology, giving you crystal-clear sound quality and the very latest calling features.


  • Uses latest technology on a private line network
  • Less expensive than traditional wire line service
  • Works with existing home phones and jacks
  • Easy access to 911 & Directory Assistance Calls
  • Cable phone service does require power to operate and will not work in the event of a power outage. Most cable companies offer battery backups at a nominal fee that give you up to eight hours of stand-by time and five hours of talk time.

    Choosing internet phone service over traditional wire line service is an option many are considering today in regards to cost. Although VOIP service is less expensive, cable phone service offers more security and quality for a few dollars more a month.

    Internet Service Providers by Zip Code – Charter Internet


    Whether you’re relocating to a new area or are seeking a different internet service from the one you currently have, one of the best ways to make the right choice is to search for internet service providers by zip code. Searching by zip code gives you access to the different carriers in your area, as well as knowing which ISPs can provide service at your location. Some companies may offer service in your region, but not in your particular neighborhood.

    You’ll also be able to review the different types of services: cable, DSL and fiber optic. Plus, you can evaluate the various price plans offered, discover special promotions and see if you bundle your services together.

    The three most popular types of services are DSL, cable and fiber optic. One or all may be offered in your area:


  • A digital subscriber line (DSL) connection uses the existing copper wire of your phone line to deliver high speed internet access.
  • Although it is not as fast as cable, DSL is faster than dial-up.
  • A DSL connection works better when you are closer to the provider’s central office. The farther away you are, the weaker the signal.

  • Cable service uses the coaxial cable that connects to your TV set.
  • Unlike DSL, the quality of a cable connection does not depend on distance
  • Cable service is usually 3 to 4 times faster than DSL.

    • Fiber optic connections have many advantages over conventional copper lines, since they transmit data faster over greater distances.
    • Fiber optic cables weigh less, are smaller in diameter and cost less to maintain.
    • The cost is less than cable and DSL
    • Fiber Optic service is only available currently in a few markets.

      Many of the internet companies in your area offer price plans based upon speed options. Plans starting as low as $19.99 a month, give you 1Mpbs of speed, while higher priced plans provide 25 to 60Mbps.

      The type of plan you select depends upon your needs. If you casually use the internet for emails and surfing, a 1 Mbps plan would be right for you. Or, if you download high definition movies and extremely large files, a 60Mbps should be your choice.

      Special offers are another aspect to consider when signing up for new service. Some companies will give you a free wireless router. Others will send you a VISA gift card or offer free installation.

      If you’re looking new internet service, bundling your service with your TV and home phone may save you money and time. Some providers offer reduced rates on bundled internet, TV and home phone packages. And, you will only have to pay just one bill per month, not three.

      In all, locating internet providers by zip code gives you access to the carriers in your local area, plus it lets you compare their different services, rates and packages.

    Cheap Internet Service – Charter Internet Offers


    With today’s economy in a fragile state, many Americans like you, are looking for ways to cut-down on their expenses. Although internet access has become a necessity and something we cannot live without, finding cheap internet service is equally important. Resorting to an archaic dial-up connection could be cost effective, but the costs with regards to time you spend, would be expensive. The download times for dial-up are excessively long and the connection easily gets lost. Not to mention, many of today’s computers no longer have phone modems.

    Another more cost-effective route to consider would be choosing an internet cable provider. Some cable companies in the area offer monthly plans for just $19.99 a month with 1Mbps of speed. For just a few dollars more, you’ll be able to download items faster than dial-up, email friends and easily surf the net. In addition, you do not need a landline phone for internet access with a cable connection.

    Although rates of $19.99 for internet service is relatively inexpensive, higher speed options should be considered if you work from home, are a student or wish to connect a Wi-Fi computer or device to your network. Higher speeds not only offer faster download times, but quicker connections to Wi-Fi devices in your home.


  • 1 Mbps: Great for Emailing Friends, Surfing the Web & Instant Messaging
  • 12 Mbps: Great for Email, Surfing the Web, Instant Messaging, Photos & Music
  • 18 Mbps: Great for Email, Movies, Surfing, Instant Messaging Wi-Fi, Games, Photos, Music & Larger Files
  • Another way to save money on your internet plan is to bundle the services in your home. With one carrier, you can save up to $420 a year, when you bundle your TV and phone with your internet. What’s more you’ll be paying one low bill per month. You may even want to upgrade your internet speed and still save money when you bundle.

    Although there are many choices for cheap internet service, the best choice is the one you’ll be satisfied with in regards to time and convenience, as well as saving you money.

    Internet Providers in My Area – Charter Internet Deals


    What’s the best way to compare offers for internet providers in my area? First you need to determine what your needs are in regards to speed, email accounts, security, special services and bundled offers.

    If you’re a casual internet user who enjoys emailing friends, surfing the web, paying bills and shopping, a lite speed of 1 Mbps may be for you. However, if you download photos, music and movies…and casually play online games, higher speeds of 12 Mbps and 18 Mbps would be more ideal. And, if you are an avid file sharer, downloading and sending super-large files for HD images, movies and gaming, extremely fast speeds of 25Mbps and 60Mbps would be your best bet.


  • 1Mbps: Ideal for Email, Surfing & Instant Messaging
  • 12 Mbps: Ideal for Email, Surfing, Photos & Music
  • 18 Mbps: Ideal for Email, Movies, Surfing, Wi-Fi, Games, Photos & Music
  • 25 Mbps: Ideal for Email, Movies, Surfing, Wi-Fi, Games, Photos, Music & Large Files
  • 60 Mbps: Ideal for Email, Movies, Surfing, Wi-Fi, Online Gaming, Photos, Music & Super Large Files
  • The number of email accounts you can have is another factor to consider. If you’re a single user, one to three separate accounts, could be all you need. However, if you have a large family, six or seven standard accounts may not satisfy your household’s demands. A few select carriers do offer up to ten individual email accounts to accommodate your needs.

    Internet security and virus protection are additional aspects to consider. All though you can purchase security and virus software on your own, some providers include it in their services and save you hundreds of dollars. What’s more, some carriers offer unlimited protection on every computer in your home, not just two or three PCs or additional license fees.

    Special subscriber services could also be considered in your selection. If you’re a sports fan and you want watch games live online for free from sites such as ESPN3.com, you may want to consider a carrier that gives you access to these sites at no extra charge.

    Bundling your services should also be a consideration as well. Some companies offer TV, internet and phone services bundled at special low rates and money-saving packages. Not only do you save money, but you also save time in having to pay one bill, not three every month.

    Saving money and time, security and convenience are all aspects you should consider when you ask, who are the best internet providers in my area.