With the NFL football season in full swing and the new network TV shows about to premier, many of us are asking who are the best cable TV providers in my area? Today’s cable TV has emerged as a household essential. With HD TV, Digital Video Recording, On-Demand Programs, plus subscription programming like the NFL RedZone, cable television is more popular today than ever. When you compare different cable TV companies, you should consider the monthly cost for service, premium programming, plus additional charges for HD and DVR service.

The cost you pay for service depends on your TV viewing. Basic cable with popular news channels: CNN, Fox, Headline News and MSNBC, plus ESPN, MTV, TNT and Lifetime is available in most communities for under $25 a month. Local programming is included in the basic package. Digital cable boxes provided by your cable company usually come with the package as well.

A wide array of sports and entertainment programs are also offered. Sports fans can stay in the game when they subscribe to season packages of the NFL RedZone, MLB Extra Innings, ESPN Game Plan and NHL Center Ice.

Some packages include subscriptions to sports programs, plus premium programming from HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime. Others offer these services on an ala carte basis.


  • Basic Cable with local, news & lifestyle channels
  • Season subscriptions to NFL Network, ESPN Game Plan & more
  • Premium channels: HBO, Cinemax, starz! Showtime
  • High Definition TV
  • Digital Video Recording
  • If you have a high definition TV and wish to watch theater-like HD programming, you’ll need a HD box from your provider. Most carriers do charge a monthly service fee for the receiver. Some include the service in their premium packages at no additional charge. There are currently over 100 different channels airing in HD on cable TV.

    DVR or Digital Video Recording lets you tape your favorite shows when they air and watch them whenever you choose. A DVR lets you record two programs airing at the same time simultaneously; record one program and watch the other. You can also pause and rewind a show you are currently watching to answer the phone or get a snack.

    The cost for a DVR box is usually additional. Most providers have HD-DVR receivers, which let you record HD programs as well. The monthly service for HD-DVR box is usually higher than a standard receiver. Some companies bundle the costs in their monthly packages.

    On-Demand programming lets you watch a program at any time from your cable company’s digital library of movies and shows. You can select from existing, all-ready aired programs, new shows and movies, over 8,000 different choices. Network, cable, subscription and premium programs are included.

    Selecting just the features you’ll need at the cost you want to pay per month are elements to consider when you are looking for cable TV providers in my area.