With today’s economy in a fragile state, many Americans like you, are looking for ways to cut-down on their expenses. Although internet access has become a necessity and something we cannot live without, finding cheap internet service is equally important. Resorting to an archaic dial-up connection could be cost effective, but the costs with regards to time you spend, would be expensive. The download times for dial-up are excessively long and the connection easily gets lost. Not to mention, many of today’s computers no longer have phone modems.

Another more cost-effective route to consider would be choosing an internet cable provider. Some cable companies in the area offer monthly plans for just $19.99 a month with 1Mbps of speed. For just a few dollars more, you’ll be able to download items faster than dial-up, email friends and easily surf the net. In addition, you do not need a landline phone for internet access with a cable connection.

Although rates of $19.99 for internet service is relatively inexpensive, higher speed options should be considered if you work from home, are a student or wish to connect a Wi-Fi computer or device to your network. Higher speeds not only offer faster download times, but quicker connections to Wi-Fi devices in your home.


  • 1 Mbps: Great for Emailing Friends, Surfing the Web & Instant Messaging
  • 12 Mbps: Great for Email, Surfing the Web, Instant Messaging, Photos & Music
  • 18 Mbps: Great for Email, Movies, Surfing, Instant Messaging Wi-Fi, Games, Photos, Music & Larger Files
  • Another way to save money on your internet plan is to bundle the services in your home. With one carrier, you can save up to $420 a year, when you bundle your TV and phone with your internet. What’s more you’ll be paying one low bill per month. You may even want to upgrade your internet speed and still save money when you bundle.

    Although there are many choices for cheap internet service, the best choice is the one you’ll be satisfied with in regards to time and convenience, as well as saving you money.