With the rising popularity of iphones, ipads, tablet pcs, smart phones and smart TVs, connecting to the internet is no longer exclusively for home computers or laptops anymore. Today, many of us are seeking lightning-fast service from high speed internet providers to connect our Wi-Fi devices and more.

There are many internet service providers offering high speed service in the area. You can choose from cable, DSL or satellite. Determining which service is right for you should depend on providers speed and cost.

High speed internet cable service uses the framework that connects to your cable TV. It operates on the same coaxial cable that powers your TV connection and is usually 3 to 4 times faster than DSL and satellite.



  • Uses the framework that connects to your TV
  • Usually 3 to 4 times faster than DSL & Satellite
  • DSL

  • DSL service is delivered over existing telephone line connections
  • Telephones running DSL service require adapters
  • Connection operates best the closer you are to carriers central office
  • Satellite

  • Ideal for people living in rural areas without cable or DSL
  • Requires a dish that connects to a satellite in space
  • Offers slightly slower speeds than cable and DSL
  • Digital subscriber line (DSL) service is delivered over your existing telephone network through the copper wire line connection of your phone. No new wiring is required for DSL and you can call and receive phone calls with a DSL connection. However, telephones running on a DSL line require special adapters to run clearly. In addition, a DSL connection operates faster the closer you are to the providers central office. The signal weakens the further away you are.

    Satellite internet is ideal for individuals living in rural areas, where ground based service such as cable and DSL is not available. Satellite users require a satellite dish which connects to the satellite in space. Satellite connections have a lower bandwitdh and offer slightly slower speeds than Cable and DSL.

    Internet speed is a major factor for determining which provider to choose. Some cable companies offer a full menu of speeds for every type of user from respectable speeds of 1Mbps to ultra-fast speeds of 60Mbps. If you are looking to connect wirelessly to your iphone, smart phone, ipad or tablet pc, you’ll need at least 18Mbps of speed to effectively connect on your Wi-Fi network. You will be able to efficiently download and upload music and movies, plus send photos.

    With 25Mbps and 60Mbps of speed, you’ll be able to download high definition movies to your smart TV on your Wi-Fi network. However with 60Mbps, you’ll be able to do it twice as fast. The cost for high speed cable service ranges from $39.99 a month for 18Mbps of service to $99.99 for 60Mbps.

    Service, speed and cost are three major factors you should consider when shopping for high speed internet service providers.