Cutting costs on many home services is important to everybody on a budget these days. One way to save money on monthly phone bills is to consider internet and phone service. A service known as Voiceover Internet Protocol or VOIP, offers an inexpensive way to make unlimited local and long distant phone calls at costs under $20 per month.

VOIP phone service requires an internet phone adapter and a high speed internet connection. You simply plug a normal telephone into the VOIP phone adapter jack, then plug the adapter into a router and you’re all set up.

Although popular, VOIP phone service has several drawbacks. First and foremost, VOIP technology travels over the public internet. Your calls may not be secure and others may have the opportunity to listen in. In addition, you will need a high-speed connection. Any other connection will not work with a VOIP phone. Also, 911 emergency calls are difficult to make on a VOIP phone.


  • Inexpensive monthly rates
  • Requires a high-speed connection
  • Travels over a public network; calls may not be secure
  • 911 emergency calls are difficult to make
  • Cable internet phone service is another option to consider. The service uses a primary line network similar to traditional telephone service. An internet protocol is used over the carriers’ private network, so calls never touch the public internet. Phones are connected via existing in-home telephone jacks and the service does not require a high speed internet connection.

    Although cable phone service works through standard home phones and jacks, it is generally less expensive than traditional wire line service. You will also have easy access to 911 emergency and directory assistance calls as well. Plus, it offers the latest phone technology, giving you crystal-clear sound quality and the very latest calling features.


  • Uses latest technology on a private line network
  • Less expensive than traditional wire line service
  • Works with existing home phones and jacks
  • Easy access to 911 & Directory Assistance Calls
  • Cable phone service does require power to operate and will not work in the event of a power outage. Most cable companies offer battery backups at a nominal fee that give you up to eight hours of stand-by time and five hours of talk time.

    Choosing internet phone service over traditional wire line service is an option many are considering today in regards to cost. Although VOIP service is less expensive, cable phone service offers more security and quality for a few dollars more a month.