Whether you’re relocating to a new area or are seeking a different internet service from the one you currently have, one of the best ways to make the right choice is to search for internet service providers by zip code. Searching by zip code gives you access to the different carriers in your area, as well as knowing which ISPs can provide service at your location. Some companies may offer service in your region, but not in your particular neighborhood.

You’ll also be able to review the different types of services: cable, DSL and fiber optic. Plus, you can evaluate the various price plans offered, discover special promotions and see if you bundle your services together.

The three most popular types of services are DSL, cable and fiber optic. One or all may be offered in your area:


  • A digital subscriber line (DSL) connection uses the existing copper wire of your phone line to deliver high speed internet access.
  • Although it is not as fast as cable, DSL is faster than dial-up.
  • A DSL connection works better when you are closer to the provider’s central office. The farther away you are, the weaker the signal.

  • Cable service uses the coaxial cable that connects to your TV set.
  • Unlike DSL, the quality of a cable connection does not depend on distance
  • Cable service is usually 3 to 4 times faster than DSL.

    • Fiber optic connections have many advantages over conventional copper lines, since they transmit data faster over greater distances.
    • Fiber optic cables weigh less, are smaller in diameter and cost less to maintain.
    • The cost is less than cable and DSL
    • Fiber Optic service is only available currently in a few markets.

      Many of the internet companies in your area offer price plans based upon speed options. Plans starting as low as $19.99 a month, give you 1Mpbs of speed, while higher priced plans provide 25 to 60Mbps.

      The type of plan you select depends upon your needs. If you casually use the internet for emails and surfing, a 1 Mbps plan would be right for you. Or, if you download high definition movies and extremely large files, a 60Mbps should be your choice.

      Special offers are another aspect to consider when signing up for new service. Some companies will give you a free wireless router. Others will send you a VISA gift card or offer free installation.

      If you’re looking new internet service, bundling your service with your TV and home phone may save you money and time. Some providers offer reduced rates on bundled internet, TV and home phone packages. And, you will only have to pay just one bill per month, not three.

      In all, locating internet providers by zip code gives you access to the carriers in your local area, plus it lets you compare their different services, rates and packages.